how to grow youtube channel 2019

how to grow youtube channel 2019

how to grow youtube channel 2019 tips and Tricks 

grow up your youtube channel in one to viral a video in two days only. how to grow youtube channel 2019 

how to grow youtube channel 2019 |tech infinity|

                        Hello Friends आप सबका YouTube पर channel होगा और आपका YouTube channel अगर grow नहीं हो रहा है तो मैं आपको आज कुछ  tips and tricks बताने वाला हूं जिससे आपका channel आसानी से grow होगा आपके YouTube channel को grow करने के लिए मैं आपको आज 5 topics पर आपको tips और tricks बताऊंगा जिनको आप अगर follow करेंगे तो आपके YouTube channel पर  Millions तक views और subscriber आ सकतें है।

(1.)Professional thumbnail :-

how to grow youtube channel 2019 |tech infinity|

                                                To make a professional thumbnail, keep your photo in HD and use the least text in it and use as many pictures as possible and try to convince more and more viewers in it,

this will result in more click on your video and your The views of the video increase and this will bring more watchtime on your video and your channel will grow.

(2.)Push to subscribe:-

how to grow youtube channel 2019 |tech infinity|

                                    You can ask your viewers to subscribe again and again in your videos, but it is not the case that before the video starts, first ask the viewers to subscribe to it, in the middle of the video, make sure that you subscribe to my channel.

 And in the last of the video, he will say that if you like the video, like the video and subscribe, because like the video, YouTube puts your video in suggestions and it increases the chances of your video becoming viral. Huh.

(3.)Promote your video on other social media platforms :-

how to grow youtube channel 2019 |tech infinity|
If you permote your video on social media platforms, then it becomes your subscriber and viewer base, who subscribe to your followers and your friends from the same channel and your link with them is even better than before. Goes and you can do further journey on their base,

you can earn a very big name on youtube and get your videos viral very well and you can make a lot of progress in it.

(4.)Create quality content :-

how to grow youtube channel 2019 |tech infinity|

                                                You should always post a quality content on your channel, whatever viewer you have come from and whatever subscriber you are, you will give some good knowledge to them and if they post such quality content that will work in real life then you will grow.

chance is too much ....

For example, I tell you that you do not change your category again and again like you used to make videos related to tech before and now you felt that there is a good scop inside comedy videos, then you started making comedy videos. This thing is wrong,

whatever your Passion, you follow it and you will definitely get big success on YouTube one day.

(5.)Answer all comments :-

how to grow youtube channel 2019 |tech infinity|

                                              All the comments that come on your YouTube video, you must reply to all those comments and answer them, because of this, your relation with your audience will be very good and your comment of your next video will definitely come and that people Those people who reply to your comment,

 definitely watch your next video and understand it, they will definitely do some new comment to talk to you and you should always read people's comments as far as possible !!

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