How to protect youtube channel from Copyright and Community Guidelines strike

How to protect youtube channel from Copyright and Community Guidelines strike

How to Protect Your YouTube Channel from Copyright & Community Guidelines strike

 Do you know about the Copyright & Community Guidelines strike?

 Many people ask me about saving the channel from Copyright & Community Guidelines strike. So finally friends I am going to tell you, some of the most important points that help you to secure your youtube channel. Friends we all already know that, you change your terms and conditions regularly. So we have to follow those terms and conditions to improve our channel. If you will not follow those terms and conditions, then your channel may become Terminate. So friends if you want to protect your YouTube Channel from the attacks of Copyright & Community Guidelines.

Strike के दो प्रकार हमें मिलेंगे:

 1. Community Guidelines strike
 2. Copyright strike

 नीचे दिए गए बिंदु देखें और बस अपने चैनल पर न करें।

 Why You Will Get Comunity Guidelines to strike :

 (1) Community Guidelines strike:

Friends youtube has some terms and conditions. So if you are a new Youtuber or you do not know about Community Guidelines. Then read them first.

 I think this is essential for every youtuber.

A. Violation / violence :

Guys if you are making 18+ videos. Then you need to restrict the age. You cannot upload pornography or voilence content to youtube. If you upload it, you will get Community Guidelines strike on your YouTube channel.

B. Tags Spamming

 We all know that. Tags play a very important role in our YouTube videos. But some people use tags other than content. Example: My video about Android application.

But I am using computer software tag or popular youtubrt name, etc. which is completely wrong on youtube. If you follow this wrong way of tag, you will definitely get Community Guidelines strike.

C. Description Spamming:

 YouTube video description toor video is for short video information about the subject and contant. But some people use description box for tag box. Many people post too many tags than you get
Community Guidelines strike.

D. Title Spamming:

The title of the video is the most important part of the video. If you are creating a title for your youtube video.

 Then ensure your title pad with your video contant. Otherwise youtube will be terminated.

E. Thumbnail Spamming:

We all YouTubers try to make a great and attractive Thumbnail for our YouTube videos. But make sure your Thumbnail needs to be maching with your cantant.

 Do not use clickbait on youtube. Otherwise, you will find Community Guidelines strike on your YouTube channel.

F. Don’t Do SUB FOR SUB:

Many small and new YouTubers do sub for sub for subs increase so that view and subscriber can increase.

He writes a comment in the video comments of popular YouTubers for sub for sub. But this trick will not help you in expanding your channel.

 If you are using this method then your youtube channel will be suspended directly from youtube. Your Google+ will be banned as well.

For More Informations :-

 (2) Copyright strike:

Most people know about copyright strike. Its name says, if you use copyright contant in your video then you will get copyright strike on your youtube channel. If you want to use Image, Audio, Video etc., just google it or search it on youtube for not copyright. Example: If you want to use copyright free lyrics or music. You can then use NCS (the non-copyrighted sounds channel on YouTube).

 I hope this guide is helpful for you. If you want to grow on youtube. Just follow all the terms and conditions of youtube along with the terms and conditions.

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