what is vpn and use of vpn ?

what is vpn and use of vpn ?

If you have heard the name of VPN, then you will definitely have 3 questions in your mind: -

 (1.) VPN क्या है ?
 (2.) VPN का Use क्यों करते हैं ?
 (3.) हम VPN का Use कैसे कर सकते हैं ?

what is vpn and use of vpn

                        If you want answers to these three questions, then after reading this article till the last, you will get answers to all three questions.

  what is VPN :-

what is vpn and use of vpn

                Your first question is what is VPN, the full name of VPN is Virtual Private Network

Just as its name suggests, it creates a second or a different network from our device which acts as a ternal so that whatever data we use or do some servicing, no one knows about it

Why Use VPN :-

                                                     Now it comes that why we have to use VPN, we can use VPN for many reasons, first of all we have to use a website which is banned in India,

 so we have to use VPN to enter that website and Then we can share data on it and there can be many reasons like if we have to download any movies which can be downloaded from servers of another country, then we can download that movie from thru VPN from there too.

 And some people who are associated with public wifi He says that he uses VPN to transfer payment to transfer payment ..!

How to Use VPN :-

what is vpn and use of vpn

Now it comes to how we can use different VPNs, we can also use VPN by downloading different software apps and we can serve VPN's data in Android in iOS or even in our PC.

 Now I will give you a link to the application to use VPN for Android phone, so that you can download and use them.

Application :-

App download :-  Download

                        If you want to use VPN in your Android phone, then it has many applications for it on Google play store, but not all applications are safe, they keep their own data by recording and can also leak you later First of all, no free app has to be used,

you always have to do paid apps for using VPN, which never leaks your data nor does not keep that data record, but there are some applications that are safe that you use Can he I am giving a link to one of them here.

Apk link Download:-     Click Here

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